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Free Hosting – c/panel free hosting. No adverts are placed on your sites. No restriction in terms of the number of websites you would like to host will be placed on you. We are the fastest growing free host on the planet.

Domain Registration  All the different extensions are available and you receive the Enterprise chat service – PingPong free of charge when next purchasing a domain name.

Paid Hosting – starting at $1.95 per month for the very busy websites.


Websites Built To Order – We have been building websites for many years now and pride ourselves

in our quick turnaround time, quality of our work, care to detail and fulfilling the clients brief and wishes and exceeding your expectations every time. Contact us for a quote and be pleasantly surprised

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Data backup and total maintenance _ One of our team members will visit your work place every week for routine maintenance of your network of pc’s and to back up your data on all your pc. Contact us for a quote. (This service is restricted to the Cape Town and surrounds only – within 100km of cape Town)

We have witnessed many clients losing all their data due to hard drives crashing. Don’t let this happen to you. We are your data solution.

Mobile Web Sites – We duplicate your existing website on our platform and convert it to mobile. It works on all the mobile applications on the market. All updates to your website are automatically updated on your mobile site. Google maps are fully set up allowing all your customers to proceed straight to your location. A phone button is set up for direct dialing allowing for easy, convenient dialing direct to your premises. The setting up and conversion of your existing site is free of charge and normally takes less than 24 hours to implement and be live on mobile. You need to register on our site and sign up for a recurring $12 payment per month to secure your mobile website on our mobile platform.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization- Ranking on the first page of Google is a science and requires a clear and precise marketing strategy. Traffic Game Plan are our partners for everything SEO and with a combined 40 years joint experience amongst them there is very little they don’t know about SEO. They have helped over 200 clients achieve Google first page for over 2000 keywords.

Search Engine Marketing – SEM – Rock solid organic traffic and ranking. Here we apply our special brand of knowledge and proven systems and little tricks from 8 years of trial and error to short circuit your entry into the internet. The internet is very dynamic and changes continually. There are systems proven to work well and continue working well for years to come. There are however changes that are updated continually and do change regularly that we have to stay abreast off to achieve top ranking. Google continually changes its algorithms and we adjust and adapt quickly. Growing and managing your social presence is one of our specialties. An example would be our very large twitter accounts on website we own and manage. We are very knowledgeable when it comes to anything that applies to SEM Search Engine Marketing and we continually search for fresh content for our SEM passion.


Internet Marketing – Information portal for webmasters for a solid entry into making money with your website on the internet. Here we share a lot of information and advice what works and what doesn’t. This section is updated regularly with the most useful information we have tried and tested before placing it on our site. Check back regularly for the latest additions. There are many existing developments we are currently testing and hope to report back on the latest discovery soon.


Free link directories – One of the measures Google uses to rank a website is back links. Back links are the links you create that point back to your own website. The more back links you have from authoritive websites the higher you’re ranking. We have bought and created a network of link directories specifically for ranking. These link directories are free to list all your links. The first one is on webconcept and once you have added your links you will find the link to the next link directory on the front page and so on until you have linked your sites on all of the link directories. You can also purchase a premium link on each website @ a few dollars per link for even better ranking.