Free with every domain name purchased = Enterprise chat service – PingPong

Webconcept is thrilled to introduce a brand new Enterprise Chat Service – PingPong to all our customers.

PingPong is offered for free with every Domain Name purchased.

With this service, you will be able to enjoy a host of incredible features designed to improve communication and collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Talk @
  • Free SMS
  • File Sharing
  • Comprehensive History
  • Groups
  • Simple Admin interface

… and a lot more!

We are confident that PingPong will prove to be a valuable addition to your portfolio and benefit both you and your Customers.

PingPong will be activated in your Control Panel from 23rd August, 2012 at 8:30 UTC.

Once activated, this brand new service will be available to all new Domain Names, Email Accounts and Email IDs registered/created under you.

Customers will automatically  receive a system email with their activation details once the domain purchase is completed.

Our excellent priced domain names is one more reason to register and buy your next domain name from and receive your free PingPong chat.

A quick explanation of all the benefits

The best chat for teams, groups, organizations and families of all sizes

Stop using all the chat/talk out there; instead brand your own company/organization identity to chat with fellow workers/family.

Desktop or Mobile

Talk with colleagues from your browser, PC or Mac while at work and continue the conversation on your mobile.

Receive and send SMS’s globally for free   (SMS may be charged in future)

SMS’s can be sent when a contact is offline and there replies will be received in the same chat window once they respond back to you.

Group Chat

Great for your teams and hosting online meetings. Great for inviting your friends, family & client.

Directory of Users

Find and chat to contacts across your organization without having to add them manually to your contacts.

Confirmation of read and received receipt.

Confirmations sent when your contact has read and received your messages.

Instant file share

Drag the document, photo or video you want to share with your contact into your chat window for instant sending.

Searchable History

History is accessible from anywhere 24/7 across all your devices. Now you have your whole conversation on hand for reference.

Admin Control Panel

All your users can be managed via a centralized Admin control panel ideal for your IT department.