Social Media is Important to Your Online Reputation

Using social networking for your company seems complicated and confusing for many business owners. It allows a company to draw in customers without targeting them and giving them a sales speech. Social media also helps consumers to feel connected to the companies they give their money to. Relationship building between consumers and businesses is a great way to create customer loyalty. Below are some tips for using social networking to manage your online reputation.

Make a Twitter account for your company and monitor it regularly. Make sure that you reach out, requesting to follow a variety of people who fall within your target market. Ask friends, family, and employees to follow you on Twitter, as they may be more likely to retweet you which will help you reach a larger audience. Tweet in a “voice” appropriate for your business. You can mix links to different articles or blog posts on your websites, some fun comments, asking your consumers questions, or just giving out basic information into your tweets. One important aspect of Twitter is that some consumers will tweet their complaints to you. These are unlikely to be seen by all of your followers and you will be able to remedy the situation.

Social networking can and should be used to make your company look good! Post pictures of your employees out in your community doing good deeds and giving back. Donate your products or services to non-profit or charitable organizations. You can also host events to raise money for charities if you have a business suited to such a thing. Give away products on a certain day and ask customers to donate money for a specific cause. This markets your business and shows you as an ethical business owner. A big trend to hop on is to “go green” and post about it. Post photos of your “green” facilities or employees doing “green” projects.

Although you can control the content, social networking makes your business seem transparent. Your customers will feel like they are a part of things and know what is happening within your business when they follow you on social networking sights. If you are a business that has been accused of being untrustworthy this can be especially effective. If you have a strong presence online and appear to be likable, people will trust that more than the negative accusations of others.

Essentially, maintain good business practices that you can document and brag about using social media. This will help to outshine any negative reviews or posts about your business. Get involved with every social media outlet, because you can’t have a good reputation if you don’t have any reputation at all.

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